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Grow in Love

Grow in Love is the new religious education series for Primary Schools

The following dates and venues have been arranged for In-Service/Seminar for Priests, Pastoral Workers, Sacramental Co-ordinators, Baptismal Teams, 

Anyone giving “The Parent Talk,” Diocesan Personnel,  all interested Parties.

Tuesday, November 17th. 2015:     Pastoral Centre, Nenagh                  2-4pm

Tuesday, November 24th. 2015:             Pastoral  Centre, Ennis           2-4pm

Presenter: Daniel O’Connell:         Author of “Grow in Love”.

Session 1: Theology, Spirituality, Cosmology underpinning the Grow in Love.

Session 2. Practical suggestions/templates for visiting schools and Parent Spirituality Evenings.

                -    -  engaging with the Parents of the Infants to help them help their children with their Religious Education Homework, while hopefully developing their own spirituality

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