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Year of Mercy Closing Liturgy

liam_bishop_maureen A full Cathedral participated in a special liturgy to mark the closing of the Year of Mercy in Ennis yesterday afternoon. The ceremony was presided over by Bishop Fintan who had closed the door of Mercy in the monastery in Roscrea earlier in the afternoon.

Spiritual composer Fr. Liam Lawton was the preacher at the liturgy. People came from all across the diocese and gathered at the hands of reconciliation sculpture in the Cathedral grounds and passed through the Door of Mercy and assembling in the body of the church. An audio visual display prepared by Fr. Dariusz reminded people of the great events of the year of mercy and provided the backdrop for Fr Liam Lawton's reflection. Testimonies of Mercy that featured during the year in the Ennis Newsletter were shared and the assembly were anointed with oil and comissioned as missionaries of mercy in their own lives. You can hear Fr. Liam Lawton's reflection by clicking on the link below. There are also some interviews with organisers and participants that featured on Beyond Belief on Clare FM.

Fr. Liam Lawton Reflection Part 1

Fr. Liam Lawton Reflection Part 2

Fr. Liam Lawton Reflection Part 3

Interview with Fr. Liam Lawton and Fr. Albert McDonnell

Interview with Fr. Tom Hogan and Bishop Fintan Monahan

Interview with Maureen Kelly


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