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Parish of Kyle and Knock

Parish Office,
St. Cronan's Parish Centre, Abbey Street,
Roscrea, Co.Tipperary
From January to June Weekend Mass is celebrated as a Saturday evening vigil at 7.30pm. From July to December Weekend Mass is celebrated on Sunday morning at 9.30am
From January to June Weekend Mass is celebrated as a Saturday evening vigil at 7.30pm. From July to December Weekend Mass is celebrated on Sunday morning at 9.30am

St. Molua’s Church at Ballaghmore (Bealach Mor, the Great Road) is situated on the Slí Dála, the ancient road from Tara that marks the eastern boundary of Killaloe diocese. St. Molua’s, a cruciform building, dates from 1812, before the formation of the modern parish proper. In its original condition St. Molua’s closely resembled other churches built in Killaloe diocese around the same time, in having Georgian-type windows, and rounded-off angles at nave and transepts.

In 1904 a large mission cross was erected in the grounds of St. Molua’s Church, in commemoration of a mission held there by two Holy Ghost priests in 1904. This is the last mission cross erected anywhere in Killaloe.

The Church was re-roofed and renovated extensively in 1978 to meet the requirements of the Liturgy.

St. Patrick’s Church at Knock was built in 1877 during the pastorate of Fr. Kennedy, P.P., the builder being a mason from Errill, whose skilled craftsmanship can still be seen in the cut limestone of the west gable and belfry. The site for St. Patrick’s was donated by a Captain Gibson of Rockforest, who also permitted the use of his quarry for the extraction of building materials, without charge. A distinctive feature of this rectangular church is its dressed stone façade. The church was renovated in 1984 and again in 2004

Fr. Fr. Albert McDonnell PP PP

Tel: +353 65 6832155

Fr. Albert is the Chancellor of the Diocese of Killaloe and Moderator of the Mid-Clare South Cluster of Parishes

Fr. Fr. Anthony Casey PP PP

Tel: +353 65 9059008

Fr. Anthony is the Co-ordinator of the group responsible for Pastoral Planning in the Diocese.

Fr. Fr. Arnold Rosney CC PP

Tel: +353 61 471513 E-mail office:

Fr. Arnold is the moderator of the Tradaree Cluster of parishes.

Fr. Fr. Des Hillery PP VG PP

Tel: +353 67 37130 E-mail office:

Fr Des Hillery who is a native of Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare was educated at St Flannan’s College, Ennis and St Patrick’s College Maynooth. He was ordained in 1984. He continued Post Graduate Studies in Maynooth in 1984-85, receiving the STL and he completed the Higher Diploma in Education in UCC while teaching in St. Finbarr’s College, Farranferris.

He returned to the Diocese in 1986 and taught in St. Flannan’s College Ennis until 1994 when he was appointed to the formation staff of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.  While there he also took a one year Diploma in Spirituality and Counselling in St Louis University, Missouri, USA. He completed his appointment in Maynooth in 2005 and took a course in Mission Studies in Dalgan Park, Navan, Co Meath as an associate priest with the Columban missionaries. In 2006 he volunteered to work with the Columban Missionaries in Lima, Peru.

He returned to the diocese in 2012 and since that time has been serving as Parish Priest of Nenagh. Following the appointment of Bishop Kieran O’Reilly as Archbishop of Cashel and Emly, Fr. Des was elected as Administrator of the Diocese until the ordination of Bishop Fintan on September 25th.

  1. Vicar General

According to the Code of Canon Law (CIC 475):  In each diocese, the Diocesan Bishop is to appoint a Vicar General to assist him in the governance of the whole Diocese.

(CIC 479) In virtue of his office the Vicar General has the same executive power throughout the whole diocese as that which belongs by law to the diocesan Bishop: that is, he can perform all administrative acts, with the exception however of those which the Bishop has reserved to himself, or which by law require a special mandate of the Bishop.

Fr. Fr. Ger Nash PP

E-mail office:

Fr. Ger is the Diocesan Secretary and Director of Pastoral Planning

Fr. Fr. Michael Geraghty PP

Tel: 067 31272

Director of the Youth Section of the Killaloe Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Fr. Fr. Pat Larkin PP

Tel: +353 65 683 9735 E-mail office:

Fr. Pat is the Moderator of the Mid-Clare North Cluster of Parishes.