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St. Anne’s School

Secondary School

Principal: Caroline Lodge
T: (+65) 6829072
W: http://www.stannesennis.com
St. Anne’s School

“To Be All That You Can Be”St. Anne’s School is a progressively modern Primary and Secondary School that specialises in providing programmes designed to cater for students with learning difficulties ranging in ages from 4 to 18. The school emphasises that each student should have a well-balanced education along with an appreciation of self and others.

The Junior School Caters for forty one children from four to fourteen years of age. The children work together in a happy, bright environment. Their work is closely linked to the National Curriculum for Primary Schools and there is a major focus on the development of childrens’ language and communication. Staff promote a positive approach to the maintenance of discipline in the school and develop collaborative procedures with each other, with children and with parents.St. Anne’s School, St. Senan’s Road, Corrovorrin, Ennis, Co. Clare

The Senior School Caters for children from approximately fourteen to eighteen years of age. Students in the Senior School pursue a variety of programmes which cater for their individual needs, abilities and requirements.

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