An Ecumenical Prayer for Peace – The Jesus Prayer

An ecumenical initiative between the Roman Catholic Diocese of Killaloe and the Church of Ireland churches of County Clare. As a Lenten prayer, but also one of solidarity with the Ukrainian people (who are largely Orthodox Christians) we are inviting you to say the Jesus Prayer as a meditation during Lent. When we feel so powerless, we can at the very least pray for the people of Ukraine, using a prayer that millions of them will be saying in their homes and shelters, in moments of quiet and in times of terrible fear and danger. As we join with them in prayer, may we open our hearts to Christ, and seek to become the person, the people, the citizens of the world he would have us be. Our prayers should change our hearts and influence our actions. If we pray for peace, we might ask ourselves, each one of us, what are we doing to make peace a reality?

Thanks to Rev. Kevin O’Brien, Church of Ireland Rector at St. Columbas, Binden Street, Ennis for preparing, recording and editing the video.