Synodal Pathway – International and National

The Synodal Pathway Announced by Pope Francis in October 2022 is in progress with the first of the Synods being held in Rome, October 2023.  The Second international synod will also be in Rome in October, 2024.  This is also in conjunction with a National Synod for Ireland.

Synodal Pathway - Walking Together

Communion Participation Mission

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Synodal Synthesis

Synodal Pathway
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Continental Phase - Enlarge the Space of your Tent

Synodal Pathway

National Synthesis Ireland

Synodal Pathway

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Synthesis of Killaloe Diocese

Killaloe Report

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National Synthesis - Towards Rome - October 2024

National Synthesis - Summer 2024

Synodal Letter of Pope Francis to Priests

Following Synodal Gathering of over 200 Parish Priests in Rome

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