Apostolic Work – Annual Diocesan Gathering

Apostolic Work – Saturday June 15th, 2023 – Ennis, Maria Assumpta Hall


Welcome to you all to the Maria Assumpta Hall to this annual diocesan display.

  • It’s always a much-anticipated gathering, a coming together of like-minded, good people, celebrating, skill, dexterity, talent, mission, outreach, dedication, holiness and faith. So much of what is good in life.
  • It’s always a visual extravaganza of color, texture, style and display of skilled craftsmanship and talent of many people.
  • Moreover, it’s a time for people to enjoy each other’s company, to socialize, chat and catch, renew acquaintances and make new contacts and friends.

Apostolic Work Ireland

Apostolic Work Ireland has been doing fantastic work now for over a full century at this stage.  With their labor of love, a true Opus Dei, Opus Manuum, hardworking and committed lay people, clergy and religious pray for and support the work of Irish Missionaries (and others) wherever they serve.

The fruits of the prayer efforts, fund raising and the work of the hands of so many outstanding members makes a huge difference.  The help provided and beautiful work done is a true labor of love and it is so heartening to see goes directly to those who need it.

The Work of Missio Ireland

Well done to the umbrella body that in many ways oversees the work and activity in this area, Missio Ireland.  This is a collaborative network of 87 Mission sending Congregations and Societies comprised of Sisters, Priests, Brothers and Lay Organizations who are engaged in 84 developing countries.

Apostolic Work at National and Local Level

We rejoice that branches of Apostolic Work continue to do great work in dioceses throughout Ireland.

Killaloe Groups

We are so fortunate in the diocese of Killaloe that there is such a great interest & a tradition of parish Apostolic Work groups.

Killaloe Mission Link

Along with and coupled with the great work of the Killaloe Apostolic Work Society there has been a great link also with so many of the currently serving priests of the diocese who have worked on missionary projects, mainly in Africa and various locations of development.

We remember today and celebrate the great work of many of the clergy, religious and laity down through the years.

Ongoing Generosity

Even in these recent times of tightening budgets and general fall off in charitable donations – the people of Killaloe have continued to respond with outstanding generosity and interest in this great work.

The sum contributed by the diocese of Killaloe is normally in the region of just short of €50,000.  Well done to all involved and in the great generosity shown every year!


Acknowledgement of good work done

What a great and honorable tradition of outstanding work & commitment to Gospel values of mission, outreach, sharing, love & generosity to those in need.


This annual event is always a great celebration of mission, of what it means to be apostolic & a celebration of the dignity & talent of work & its results.

Congratulations to all involved in the great work done & that continues to be done by so many in so many branches around the diocese of Killaloe.

Well done & thanks to the hard-working committee & the dozens of great workers on the ground!

Gura fada buan sibh, comhgairdeachas ó chroí agus go gcúití Dia bhur saothar libh!