Clare Launch of Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day – Clare Area launch – Treacy’s West County Hotel – Monday 2nd of March – for Daffodil day on Friday March 27th

On a Mission…

In this first week of Lent, a word that actually means Spring, many of us are bursting with enthusiasm to do something and take on projects that will do good and have a positive impact.  Getting involved with Daffodil Day is one excellent way to fulfil that mission or goal for the short or long term!


The Inspiration that is Daffodil Day

Daffodil day is always a truly inspiring event every year that brings the best out of so many people!  So many outstandingly generous, altruistic, humanitarian, civic minded people get involved in all sorts of worth-while and fun projects to raise funds for the excellent charity that is the Irish Cancer Society.


It is untold the positive effects of the funds raised for The Irish Cancer Society and the way they benefit so many people living with cancer along with offering assistance to their carers and loved ones.


The symbol of the Daffodil

The Symbol of the daffodil is a very powerful and strong symbol, full of meaning.


Last Saturday in the middle of storm Jorgé, I was, as usual lost on the road between Confirmations in Shinrone and Kinnity in county Offaly.  I stopped at a cross-roads to get my bearings and got out of the car to read the signs clearly in the middle of the driving rain and wind.  It was miserable all round, but all along the side of the road were the most radiant set of daffodils all struggling to hold on for dear life.  I was struck by and felt my heart lift in the middle of that miserable scene by the way their colour and cheerfulness brought life and hope even in the depths of the menace of such a severe storm!


A daffodil is an object of colour, beauty, hope and for many people a symbol of energy, liveliness, one could say Wordsworthian exuberance, the essence of health and, coming as it does at this lovely time of the year, new life.


I always associate February, the month of St. Bridget with new life and Spring, moving out of the darkness of Winter into the freshness of new light.  That time of hope delightfully intensifies in this new month of March.


I came across a wonderful quotation on social media yesterday morning that sums up our March hope and anticipation and expectation of fresh blessing from the good Lord.  It runs :


I Mí an Mhárta, Bí linn, a Thiarna.

Bí linn, a Thiarna.

Mí an Mhárta,

Mí an fheirmeora,

Mí na sailchuaiche,

Mí na hathbheochana,

Mí na Féile Pádraig.

I Mí an Mhárta, bí linn, a Thiarna.

Bí linn, a Thiarna. ?


May God bless us with all the goodness that this fresh new month can generously offer.





Hopkins on Spring

Being a great fan of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins I love the way he captures a love for life, nature and Spring in particular in his poem entitled Spring as he says:


Nothing is so beautiful as Spring –          

When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush;          


He goes on to ponder in the poem:


What is all this juice and all this joy?          

A strain of the earth’s sweet being in the beginning 


Daffodil – Symbol of new life

For so many, the welcome Spring flower of the daffodil is a symbol of the beauty, of life and health that we treasure so much.  Is fear an sláinte ná an táinte.  Health is better than wealth and it is indeed to be treasured!  For decades now, the symbol of the daffodil has become a symbol of the on-going fight against Cancer and the battle that so many people have to cope with, in learning to live with the disease or in helping others to do so.


Praise of the Irish Cancer Society

In a great humanitarian outreach of love and compassion The Irish Cancer Society came into existence and has done countless amounts of good work through the fundraising events around daffodil day.


As a survivor of cancer myself over 20 years ago and one who got a small fright last week with two small bits of skin cancer due to being always out in the open with no proper sun protection – I can vouch for the great facilities that are on offer in so many ways and areas in Ireland to assist people with such a frightening and potentially and sometimes actually life threatening disease.


Memories of lost loved ones – spur us on

Some people of course have not been as lucky to survive and the memory of a dearly departed loved one often spurs people to action to help those who might receive such a frightening and worrying diagnosis.


Generosity and Fundraising in Clare

I never cease to be amazed at the capacity of Clare people to be generous and open to the work of so many worthy charities.  I have seen so many examples of great spirit of fundraising for noble causes.  This philanthropic spirit comes so naturally to Clare people and they love the challenge of taking on such worthwhile endeavors!


There are great ideas, much creativity, and many options for fundraising events, whether it’s walks, runs, hill walks, coffee mornings, bungie jumping, skydives, fasting or feasting events, cakes sales, hair growing, hair removal … the list and options are endless.


Daffodil Day – a Beacon of Hope

Daffodil day is a great beacon of hope.  It brings the best out of the wonderful charitable nature of people


I would appeal to everyone present and as we are at the Clare launch – as many Clare people as possible to get involved in the great work of the annual daffodil day, celebrating it’s 33rdannual event this year.


Invitation – challenge

The good folk of Clare are arising from this annual launch invited, encouraged and urged to get involved by volunteering to help fundraise on and donating what they can on the day.


Best wishes and every blessing to the legion of volunteers and fundraiser who will get involved in this most worthy of causes over the coming weeks in the lead up to March 27th, daffodil day 2020.