Confirmation 2024

Confirmation 2024


The Gift of Faith, The Blessing of Hope, The Peace of Love! 


The theme for Confirmation this year in the Diocese of Killaloe is based those marvellous gifts.  This is an echo of a pastoral letter to the people of the parishes last Autumn.  The title of that was Going forward in Faith, Hope and Love.  It is my strong hope that reflecting on this will bring students closer to Jesus and help to reach the great potential they have.


I really love the opportunity to celebrate this wonderful, joyful and special sacrament with and for the many young people of the diocese.


I am encouraging students to do something and am throwing out a challenge!  Look around your school, your home and your community and ask yourself how can you be a person of faith, hope and love?  How can you make a real difference by doing so?


Every year I thoroughly enjoy receiving hundreds of letters from students outlining why they want to be Confirmed in the Holy Spirit. This year added to that is to reflect on how you can be a person of faith, hope and love.


So let’s get writing!  I look forward to receiving your letter and even more to meeting you on the occasion.  May the Holy Spirit be in your heart on that day and always as you grow in faith, hope and love. Amen!