Gratitude for Boards of Management

Thanks and appreciation – Le buíochas

In deep appreciation for the Boards of Management of Primary Schools



Boards of Management

On the first of December all around Ireland new Boards of Management will be in place for the primary schools of our country.  The boards are renewed every 4 years.

We have almost 150 schools in the Patronage of the Diocese of Killaloe.

The patron is responsible for the school’s characteristic spirit and ethos along with ensuring that the school is in compliance with the Education Act.

Members of each board comprise

• The principal 

• Two parents of children enrolled in the school elected by the parents

• Two nominees of the Patron

• One serving teacher elected by the teaching staff

• Two additional members agreed by the representatives of the patron, teachers and parents

The board’s main function is to manage the school for the benefit of the students on behalf of the patron and to ensure that the school provides the highest quality education for each student. 

The board is accountable to the patron and the Minister for Education.

In the busy world we live in it is getting more and more difficult to get people to take on voluntary roles in all walks of life.  Being a member of a board of management of anything is not an easy task in terms of time commitment, duties and responsibilities.  People give of time and skills and energy.  It is a huge and valued service to all in the school, the community at large, to the Church and a very important contribution to our society.  Thank you to and God bless the works of the new boards and thanks to all for the service and dedication.

Huge thanks also to the Staff of St. Senan’s Education Office in Limerick who act on behalf of the Patron in the Dioceses of Killaloe, Limerick, Cashel and Emly and Kerry.