History of Killimer Parish

Launch of Living on the Wild Atlantic Way a History of Killimer Parish, 8thof December 2017


Congratulations and well done to the Parishioners of Killimer on the production of this fine publication with outstanding detail on the history of the Parish.


The Wild Atlantic Way

The Brand The Wild Atlantic Wayhas really captured the imagination of so many visitors to and residents from our country over the past few years.  The Wild Atlantic Way conjures up all kind of wild and rugged images of life and living being churned up and tossed into the mix.  This history book has done just that – it has churned up much in terms of the wild and wonderful religious and social history of the parish of Killimer.


Fr. Harry

It is good to see Fr. Harry back in your midst.  I believe in 1982 he launched a similar junior project, many, many moons ago.  Since then he has gone on to achieve fame and fortune in both the hurling world, as a social reformer, as a champion of rural development and as an outstanding priest. It is great to be see him looking so well and a privilege to be with him here today.

Religious History of the Parish

In relation to the publication itself – Well done on the great scope and research on the religious history of the parish in the chapter covering the birthplace of St. Senan and St. Imy along with St. Molaugha who is also connected with the parish.


Clergy of the Parish

Meticulous research is also done into the clergy who served there, the nuns and priests of the parish.



Great historical detail is given on the two Churches St. Imy’s Killimer, St. Senan’s, Knockerra,


Pilgrimages and Parish events

There is fascinating detail on the Holy Wells, Pattern and Pilgrimage days to St. Senan’s Well, The 3 Parish Graveyard Inscriptions, The Rounds (ritual), The Cures, The fundraisers, the generosity of the people down the ages.


Religious Organisations in the Parish

It also covers many of the religious organisations within the parish, the Pioneer and Total Abstinence Association, the Legion of Mary, Confraternities and other organisations.


Importance of Hard Copy Publications

In this day and age of electronic and virtual communications there is still an important and essential place for hard copy publications.  Apart from the aesthetic quality and texture of a real book – in terms of preserving for posterity – the great story of times past there is no substitute for such a wonderful publication.  For that reason this book is invaluable.


Congratulations and well done

I highly commend the wonderful effort that went into the production of this handsome and well researched work.  Well done to all involved in preserving this body of historical research that will be a monument and fount of knowledge for generations to come.  Go gcúití Dia bhur saothair libh!


Thanks and Christmas good wishes and blessings

On this feast of Our Lady – the day in which many of us start in earnest the preparations for the big feast day – I take this opportunity, in thanking you for the invitation to be with you tonight in Knockerra Hall and wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas and every good wish and blessing for the new year, 2018.