Launch of St. Vincent de Paul annual Appeal

St. Vincent de Paul – Annual Appeal – Mid West Region

Ennis 21st of November 2017


I am delighted to have the privilege to join you this evening to offer support for the great work that you do in the mid-west region of the SvdeP as you launch your annual Christmas appeal.  (Mid West Region – Clare, Tipperary, Limerick and Offaly)


The St. Vincent de Paul Society has been an integral part of Irish and world wide society for almost 200 years now.


Founding ideal

Founded in 1844, under the Patronage of St. Vincent de Paul by Frederick Ozanam – the purpose being the sanctification of it’s memebers by personal service to the poor.   Nowadays the St. Vincent de Paul includes a range of many religions and none, of course.


The amount of good work and charitable efforts carried out since the founding of the society has been immense, all for the glory of God, in the founding ideal!


Topical and Current issue

The issue of poverty, homelessness and the struggle that many people have to make ends meet has been very much in the news of late.


Traveller appeal!

Just today Fr. Peter McVerry was in the news encouragning the traveling community to invite Pope Francis to visit and see the conditions in a typical halting site when he visits next Summer, DV!


Figures on homelessness

Staggering figures for the level of homelessnes have been the topic of discussion for many weeks now and it invariably becomes more acute with the onset of cold Winter weather and the approage of the Chrstmas season. It is particularly sad to see the amount of young families forced to live out of one room in B&B’s and hotels.


Work of Brother Kevin in Dublin

The film clip of the work of Brother Kevin Crowley and his team on Clare Byrne Livelast night tugged at the heart strings of much of the nation.


Some insensitive comments regarding the work of relief agencies and workers have caused justifiable anger.


Trócaire experience

Just last Friday I returned from a Trócaire mission in Kenya with Kenya where it was horrific to see the level of poverty following drought and famine in the slums of Nairobi, in some of the rural tribes of Turkana and in the medical and feeding centres of Lodwar.  It was so heartening to see the work being done as a result of charitable work and the way lives are being saved due to the generoisty of many Irish people.


The work of the Society

Huge work is being done by so many in the St. Vincent de Paul at local level.  The need may not be as dramatic as the famine regions of central and east Africa but it is still a real and tangible need and calls out for our help to relieve the suffering and indignity of poverty that no one should have to endure in this day and age.


Local interest in Ennis

I am so happy to see the great work the society does here in Ennis with the discrete work by the conference in so many areas and also in the newly launched Vincent’s shop and in the residential hostel that has 13 beds. The work of the society is truly a “hand up as opposed to a hand out”!


Encouragement and Support!

I highly commend the work of the St. Vincent de Paul for the great work and encourage as many as possible to donate what they can on the occasion of the annual Christmas appeal for the outstanding work that is being done to reduce poverty in our towns and country areas.


May God continue to bless the good work and all those that engage with it.  Amen