May – Diocesan Safeguarding Month

The month of May is normally the Diocesan Safeguarding Month. However in these exceptional circumstances during this month, it is not possible to mark it as we would normally do.  We ask that people keep in their prayers those children and adults who are experiencing  harm and or have been hurt by others. We ask that you  look out for those who are struggling during this time, by giving them a smile, a wave or a few kind words.



Lord, our God, Look with favour on our children whom we as a Church commend to your tender care.
Your Son, gladly welcomed little children.
He took them in his arms, blessed them, and held them up as an example for us all.
We pray that you, Father, will also send your blessing upon all of us gathered here this day, so that we may play our part in helping our children to grow in Christ,
and by the power of the Holy Spirit, may they become Christ’s witnesses in a world which craves their energy, light and generosity.
Allow us to create environments where children, clergy and parish ministers flourish and minister to each other in a spirit of light, love and joy.
We also beg your pardon for the times we have failed in this ministry. We remember those who have been hurt and those who are hurting, may your healing be a source of strength and comfort to them and their families.
We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen Lord, we thank you for the gift of our children; they are our light and our joy.
Give us wisdom to guide them, patience to teach them, and a desire to encourage them always. As we strive to love them sincerely, may we never betray their trust, dampen their hope, or discourage their spirit.
May we help them achieve their potential and fulfill your dreams for them.
May your grace and love fall gently upon them giving them the inner strength, peace and patience they will need for the journey ahead.
And as we strive to create safe environments where we can freely minister to them, may we be open to you ministering to us in and through them. Amen