Bullet points from the Killaloe Diocesean Safeguarding Committee meeting held on 8th January 2020.

Bishop Fintan
Tracy Murray-Chair
Sean Hayes-Secretary
Cleo Yates-Director of Safeguarding / DLP
Joe Searson-Trainer
Fr. Pat Malone. Deputy DLP
Fr. Pat Larkin
Clare Connellan
Kevin O’Farrell-NBSCCCI reviewer

Apologises-Joanne O’Brien-Youth Director

• Bishop Fintan started meeting with a short prayer
• Discussions around the need to appoint two new committee members . Discussed that perhaps a medical and or adult services background would be beneficial to the committee.
• Agreed that maybe one or two trainers should be brought on board, the Train the Trainers programme starts in June, will discuss at next meeting.
• Communication with safeguarding reps. The committee agreed that is was a good idea after each committee meeting to send out to reps bullets points of any news re new guidance, forms, updates, training via text or email and to alert them to any changes made on website. This would also be sent to Priest Council.
• As from January 2020 bullet Points from each meeting will be placed on Website, so that a culture of transparency and openness can be maintained
• 2020 safeguarding plans, Committee agreed to sign off. To be placed on website ASAP.
• Date of next meeting. 7pm on 26th March 2020 in Westbourne.

Agenda for next meeting
• Update re new committee members / trainers
• Feedback from NBSCCI Review
• Safeguarding Constitution