St. Brecan’s Church, Doora Celebrations

Blessing of Church of St. Brecan, Doora and Presentation of Benemerenti Medals, Sunday 5th of November, 2023


Later this month on November 23rd in the US and many other parts of the world the celebration of Thanksgiving will be held.  Thanksgiving for the harvest.  Thanksgiving for all the many benefits and gifts God has given to us in so many ways.  Today, here in St. Brecan’s Church we gather in thanksgiving to God for the wonderful job in renovating this Church of St. Brecan and also the outstanding work of 2 great parishioners in the Parish of Doora-Barefiled.


Sacrifices and Great Efforts

I appreciate and acknowledge the great sacrifices made down through the years in collecting for the project and the great meitheal or community effort that it entailed with all the various people involved at all levels.

Church – Teach an Phobail

Any parish Church is such an important location as very sacred rites of Passage are celebrated therein, baptisms, holy communions, confirmations, marriages, funerals and many other prayer and faith related events in between.  It is very significant that in our native tongue – We call it not just a Church or a chapel but a Teach an Phobal.  A house for the community and that is indeed what it is.

I commend you all on the great work in doing so and the loyalty to the place right to the current day, all the great titivation and adornment projects to keep the place so homely and looking so well.

One of the special things about this occasion is the presentation of two Bene Merenti Medals to Owen O’Mahony and Jimmy McNamara for their loyalty to people, Church and Community for many years.

Papal Award

This badge of honour, presented to them both this morning from Pope Francis is a special honour, to commend you, to say well done and as a gesture of profound thanksgiving on behalf of the community of the Parish.

Owen O’ Mahony:

  • born on December 6th 1937

  • worked with his late wife as sacristan in the church of St. Brecan in the parish of Doora Barefield.

  • a teacher in St. Ann’s school for a number of years

  • a member of the Samaritan’s for many years.

  • a founder member of the Clare Suicide Bereavement group.

  • an active member of the Local History Society

  • a man who loves this parish and his service over so many years has contributed greatly to the life and spiritual vitality of our community.

  • His gentle nature and warm personality endears him to all who come to worship in St. Brecan’s Church in Doora.

  • He is most deserving of the Benemerenti Papal Award.

Jimmy McNamara:

  • born on May 8th 1933

  • worked for years for Clare County Council and subsequently as a taxi driver.

  • served as sacristan in the church of Our Lady, Roslevan for twenty five years.

  • a man of rich faith and his commitment to the yearnings and aspirations of the parish over many years, being truly inspirational.

  • A man whose hospitality and welcome for all who come to Church is generous and from the heart.

  • continues to be a pillar of this parish community and his presence in church is valued and treasured by all.

  • Jimmy, like Owen is a most worthy recipient of the Benemerenti Papal Award.

Heartiest congratulations to them both and to all involved in the adornment of St. Brecan’s.  Thanks you all and well done. Benemerenti!  Amen.