St. Josaphat Prayer for the People of Ukraine

Prayer to Saint Josaphat

Patron Saint of Ukraine


Today’s Sticks and Stones


Saint Josaphat, you stood on the side of justice and right

While showing kindness to friend and foe alike.

Your death was a saintly martyrdom.

Your enemy in the shape of an angry mob beat you with sticks

And weighed down your body with stones in deep water.


We ask you to intercede on behalf of your Ukrainian people

Who today face martyrdom and suffering.

Bombs, bullets, and deprivation are the sticks and stones

That inflict terror and death on innocent people.

We join our prayers to yours Oh Holy Martyr for your people.


May we from whose skies only rain and hail fall look

With compassion and goodwill towards your people in Ukraine.

Inspire us to assist in whatever way is within our means.

We ask you with God’s help to make us doves of peace

And not hawks of war or hatred in this conflict, and in our lives.

Saint Josaphat, intercede for Ukraine and bring peace, only peace.