Statement of Bishop Fintan Monahan

Statement of Bishop Fintan Monahan on the Conviction of Fr. Jerry Carey, Monday, 1st of March, 2021

Fr. Jerry Carey has been a priest of the diocese of Killaloe for the past 37 years. He was convicted today, in the district court in Galway of indecent exposure in a public place. He received a one month suspended sentence.

Fr. Carey has sincerely apologised for his behaviour and deeply regrets the damage caused by his actions.

As bishop of Killaloe, I acknowledge the upset and distress caused to his parishioners, the priests and the many people to whom he ministered in the diocese.

On behalf of the diocese I wish to apologise for the hurt caused by this crime and what is highly unacceptable behaviour.

Once the incident came to light, Fr. Carey stood down from ministry and immediately engaged in a therapeutic course of assessment and counselling, which continues. Once the criminal proceedings are concluded a canonical process will follow.

If there is anyone who has been affected by any of these issues, you are encouraged to contact the diocese or relevant authorities.