Youth Charity Event for Children’s Grief Centre

Words of Introduction and Welcome to Charity Concert at Clarecastle Church, Sunday, December 3rd, 2017



I warmly welcome you all here tonight – to Clarecastle Church on the first Sunday of Advent – to this great gathering to support the work of the Children’s Grief Centre in Limerick.


The Children’s Grief Centre

The Children’s Grief Centre is a support service for school-aged children and young people affected by loss through death, separation or divorce.  It provides a safe and supportive place for children and young people and their families who are grieving, who have experienced the pain of loss of one type or another.

The work of the Centre

The waiting list in the centre is generally around 100 or more due to lack of resources.  It is the only support centre of its kind in Ireland. Creating awareness of this great project will help reduce self-harm in many forms as statistics show that Ireland has one of the highest suicide rate in Europe at present.  The funds raised and awareness of this night will be a great help in this most worthy of projects.


Sr. Helen Culhane

Sr. Helen Culhane, a Mercy sister, based in Limerick, who is here with us tonight has been spearheading the work of the Children’s Grief centre for years now and has received awards on behalf of the centre for the outstanding work being done on behalf of the many children who have benefited from great help offered there.


The Method of the Children’s Grief Centre

The volunteers are professional individuals offering support through Art therapy and Play therapy communicating with children from age 4 to 18 years old.  Art therapy offers support in mental, physical and emotional health by incorporating art and play therapy and it makes a connection with signs, symbols and actions that children create.


Choir of Ballyea – Clarecastle

The wonderful Youth Choir of Ballyea – Clarecastle have reached out to other young people throughout the Killaloe Diocese to form the group themed Youth helps Youth …


They have come together for the fundraising concert tonight but that is only a fraction of the good work that they have done and achieved since last September.

Visit to the Grief Centre

Back in September the youth choir travelled to the Children’s Grief Centre to get an insight to the project and created significant symbols of Love, Hope, Knowledge, Courage and Friendship.  The innovative beautifully created designs that they came up with were supported by songs such as A heroby Mariah Carey … Chineseby Lily Allen…


Visiting Churches

In October, representatives of the choir launched a pilot project in 6 Churches in the diocese of Killaloe where they explained the work of the centre with a Lavender plant and they were extremely well received.


Mol an Óige…

Sometimes young people get bad press and can be criticized for one reason or another.  However, the Irish Phrase Mol an Óige is so full of wisdom!  Praise Youth and it will happen.  This young group here tonight are a prime example of that.  They are outstandingly good people and are an inspiration to us all.



Thanks to their coordinator, choir director Claire Connellan O’Dea who has done Trojan work in ensuring that this evening would happen. Well done also to the supporting organizing committee and very committed parents and guardians along with the pastoral council and parish priest of Clarecastle, Fr. Pat Malone.


Blessing and good wishes

I hope you have a most enjoyable evening of music, fun and enjoyment in the knowledge that the work of this evening will be a most positive help to many young people in the future. Wishing you a blessed Advent on this first Sunday of Advent and a very happy and holy Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.