A Personal Prayer

Lord, my critical eye has become even more critical these days; forgive me Lord.

Deep down, I know that it is fear that lies behind this.

The wretched virus, Lord, has infected my outlook.

I am afraid, afraid, afraid, and more so each passing day.

There, now, at last I can admit it to myself rather than taking my fear out on others.


Like the times I mentally measure the distance between people in the queue: That’s no more two meters, what school did they go to?

Look at your one standing in front of the fridge deciding what to buy and holding up the rest of us!

That till attendant could manage to be a bit friendlier!

That security guard ordering me back to the start of the damn queue!

Do they still expect us to pay for parking and all the money they are making out of this crisis!


Lord, make my eye less critical and less easily offended by what I see around me.

Give me self-awareness to balance out the effects of fear on my outlook.

Make me realise the importance of my own adherence to the health guidelines.

Give me patience with myself so that I will be patient with others.

Give me the grace I need to hold my tongue and overlook the mistakes of others.


I pray Lord that the physical distance between people will bring us closer together in solidarity.

I pray that I will not block anyone in their efforts to cope with this present crisis.

I will pray that I will not mistake the fear people have for lack of friendliness.

I pray for appreciation of the work people are doing to keep life as normal as possible.

Lord, in my self-isolation, may I sense your presence and protective aura. Amen