Prayer On the morning of 19 March 2020

Lord, this morning I looked outside to see the sun shining brightly.

Lord, I thought how strange that danger could lie invisible while the sun shone so brightly.

Lord, three people came into view on the road outside: a father with his two young children out cycling.

Lord, he led the way on his big bike while they on smaller ones cycled behind in perfect social distance formation.

Lord, the father looked back very often to check on their progress and to reassure himself they were following behind.

Lord, it gave me hope to see life go on as normal while still observing the guidelines for safety.

Lord, I thought of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the family cycling party passed by on the road outside my house.

Lord, I am grateful for the fine day that allowed them out and for the hope their passing brought to me.

Lord, in the dad’s looking back I felt the reassurance of a heavenly Father who is looking out for all of us at this time.

Lord, we find the Good Shepherd in all who guide us at this time.

Lord, May I too look back on my neighbour and family to check if they are following safely.

Lord, thank you for the sunshine and hope of a better day…