Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools: Living Life to the Full

23 JANUARY – 30 JANUARY 2022

Well done and thanks to all the Teachers, Students and all in the school communities of the diocese of Killaloe who contribute  in so many ways to make our Catholic Schools planes to be able to ‘Live life to the full’!




Living Life to the Full with God



Living Life to the Full Together



(Grandparents’ Day) Celebrating Being Together Again



Living Life in Wonder and Awe



Living Life and Facing the Future



Loving God,

We thank you for your presence with us.

Help our school communities enable each person to live life to the full, and see themselves and others as made for loving and kind relationships with God, each other and the world around us.

May we become more and more like your son Jesus who, by his life and ministry, showed us how to treat one another, especially the poor.

May your Holy Spirit guide us as we journey together in faith, hope and love.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.