St Lua’s Church, Ballaghmore

Parish Priest

Pat Treacy

Co. Laois
From January to June Weekend Mass is celebrated as a Saturday evening vigil at 7.30pm. From July to December Weekend Mass is celebrated on Sunday morning at 9.30am

St. Molua’s Church at Ballaghmore (Bealach Mor, the Great Road) is situated on the Slí Dála, the ancient road from Tara that marks the eastern boundary of Killaloe diocese. St. Molua’s, a cruciform building, dates from 1812, before the formation of the modern parish proper. In its original condition St. Molua’s closely resembled other churches built in Killaloe diocese around the same time, in having Georgian-type windows, and rounded-off angles at nave and transepts.

In 1904 a large mission cross was erected in the grounds of St. Molua’s Church, in commemoration of a mission held there by two Holy Ghost priests in 1904. This is the last mission cross erected anywhere in Killaloe.

The Church was re-roofed and renovated extensively in 1978 to meet the requirements of the Liturgy.