Launch of Slí na Manach – Mount St. Joseph’s, Roscrea

Prayer at the beginning of Slí na Manach, Mount St. Joseph’s, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Saturday, December 1st, 2018

We gather to launchthis new book, Slí na Manachandto reflect on the wisdom and holiness of The Wayof the venerable monks here in Mount St. Joseph’s.


We contemplate a wisdom that is distilled in the treasured and important new volume Slí na Manach, a photographic camino with commentary  by Dom Laurence Walsh.


We pray God’s blessing on the gathering, on our families, our friends, our homes, our communities, our work place.  Bless most especially the work and prayer of this monastery, Mount St. Joseph’s, the work of Cistercian College Secondary Schooland all who come hereon retreat to the guest houseto experience the healing love of God in our midst.


As we begin a new month of December and are on the cusp of a new liturgical season this Advent – we pray a prayer of welcome to this new season:





Mí na Nollag


I mí na Nollag, bí linn a Thiarna.

Bí linn a Thiarna.


Mí na Nollag,

Mí bhreith ár Slánaitheora,


Mí na Nollag,

Mí na mbronntanas.


Í mí na Nollag, bí linn, a Thiarna.

Bí linn, a Thiarna.



Prayer of St. Benedict


Gracious and holy Father,

Grant us the intellect to understand you,

Reason to discern you,

diligence to seek you,

Wisdom to find you,

a spirit to know you,

A heart to meditate upon you.

May our ears hear you,

may our eyes behold you,

And may our tongues proclaim you.

Give us grace that our way of life may be pleasing to you.

That we may have the patience to wait for you.

Grant us a perfect end – your holy presence,

A blessed resurrection and life everlasting.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.