Synodal Pathway – Key Questions – Online Survey

Universal Synod

Pope Francis wants to hear from the whole Church about what is happening in local parishes. He and the bishops would like to know what individuals think we should all be doing to help make our parishes better. The way he has proposed doing this is a synodal process. Synod means “journeying together” and it involves listening to the Holy Spirit and to each other to discern the path we are called to walk together.

The synod “is intended to inspire people to dream about the Church we are called to be, to make people’s hopes flourish, to stimulate trust, to bind up wounds, to weave new and deeper relationships, to learn from one another, to build bridges, to enlighten minds, warm hearts, and restore strength to our hands for our common mission.”


Being a Synodal Church – Three Key Themes

The practice of living as a synodal Church means:

  • The conversations lead to conversion to Christ and commitment to active participation in the mission given by Christ — Communion
  • The people of God talk with one another and listen to one another about questions that matter — Participation
  • The communion exists for a common purpose; mission flows naturally from the experience of communion — Mission



We reflect God’s love when we create communities that are open and inclusive of difference, spaces which are underpinned by welcome and hospitality, where people feel a sense of belonging.
Question 1 - How might we work to build a more inclusive “communion” or church?


We are called to work together as priests and lay people in a spirit of partnership and co-responsibility. In a synodal Church, the whole community is called to pray, listen, dialogue, discern and offer advice in the making of pastoral decisions.
Question 2 - How can we listen better to the different voices in our parish? Are there important voices on the periphery? Who are these voices? How can we include them?


We are urged not to become inward-looking as Christian Communities but to reach out to others in the society and world around us. This means opening ourselves to the needs of our brothers and sisters especially those who are suffering.
Question 3 - How can we, as parish, work and do better as Church in reaching out? How can we aid in the formation of parishioners as active disciples, so that we might become a more energetic and engaged Church in our society? How can we unlock the joy of the Gospel and the message of Jesus Christ?
Killaloe Diocese will be holding Listening Sessions throughout March 2022, would you be interested in being part of one of these? If you would like to hear further from us, please provide your email address below.